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Data Analytics

We help businesses learn important insights from data to drive data driven strategies to improve customer satisfaction, retention and sales growth. Our bespoke data life-cycle and analytical framework has proven successful to bringing data to life for businesses in various sectors. By working in close collaboration with our customers, we are able to provide the best solution to their business needs.

Natural Language Processing

Language is the cornerstone of society and AI is growing in popularity to help businesses understand text. We use AI to solve many NLP challenges, such as;

  • Sentiment Analysis: A great way to use AI to understand the social sentiment related to products, services and branding.
  • Text Classification / Summarization: We use AI to extract meaningful data from unstructured text. This technique is useful in; handling customer complaints / queries and extracting text from emails / reports / news.
  • Chat bots: Popular on social media networks to talk to customers and solve simple queries. We use various forms of NLP to answer questions and feed that data into our analytical models to provide incredible insights.